Here at Journeyman’s we take great pride in offering
an experience unlike any other in the Orange County area.
Our 4-course prix-fixe menu changes with the seasons best offerings
and the whims of our talented culinary team.
4-course 75/pp
Add wine pairings 50/pp
6-course 115/pp
Add wine pairings 75/pp


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There comes a time when you need to be still and listen, and then there’s the time to make a statement, and when you speak, speak with conviction. A conviction that there could be no other way to do things at this moment. Do not falter or listen to the people who look to bring you down. Believe in yourself and create something that in you heart, your gut and in your mind you can confidently say that “This…. this is who I am and this is what I offer as a being, here with you now.” It may not be perfect, but is perfect what we want? If we achieve perfect, what have we left ourselves, but contentment? Then what happens? We die? No, I wont accept that. There has to be something that fulfills and enriches our lives daily, for us… for Journeyman’s. It is what we’ve made now. A restaurant built from failures and doubt into something incredible and inspiring. It will change, and it will grow. That’s what makes it beautiful…

Journeyman’s Food + Drink is our Progressive American, Prix-Fixe style restaurant. We offer our dinner menu in a 4-course format at $75 per person with the option to add wine pairings at $50 per person. We encourage you to order a drink from our extensive beverage menu, thoughtfully curated by our beverage specialist Steven and our chef Zach Geerson.


As the passion project of chef Zach Geerson, Journeyman’s Food + Drink is a culmination of focus, and devotion to elevating the restaurant experience in the Orange County Dining Scene. Elements are expressed through delicious, thoughtful, fun and creative ways that at the end will be a small insight into the life and beliefs of the Journeyman’s team. The food is not only technically sound and delicious, but offers a hint of edible philosophy and an interpretation of what is in chef Zach’s mind at any moment. The menu changes often with the seasons and the whims of our culinary team, who strive to serve the absolute best at any one moment.

Our Journey

Our goal is not to be fine dining in the known context, but offer great food, beverages, and service with a fine mind.

Classic Cuisine meets Modern Flavors

Meet our Chef

Expect nothing less than dishes that are unique in every way from Executive Chef Zach Geerson, a chef that draws from a diverse cultural background and training. Being of Sicilian descent, Chef Geerson uses that and his love for Italian cuisine, as a jumping off point for some dishes and inspiration from his wife, Olivia, who is Thai and Laotian.

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We believe our work speaks for itself

This.... this is who I am and this is what I offer as a being, here with you now

Chef Zach Geerson